I’ve not blogged for a while – been too busy – but had to fire a little mini-blog up after today’s event.  In keeping with the “change the names to protect the innocent, not so, and downright stupid” theme (and you can choose which category it is) I’ll not name and shame.

So, this morning I was sitting in the reception of a mid-sized business in the North awaiting a personal appointment. As I sit awaiting my meeting, I can’t help but hear 2 IT Sales Professionals discuss their recent job offers, their dislike for certain peers within a large networking company, make disparaging remarks about some competitors from the opposite side of the pennines, and openly discuss the product they were looking to punt onto the company.

Perhaps this is relatively normal and harmless if it was quiet mutterings, but I could certainly hear it – as could the receptionist – loud and clear. In fact, I’m astounded that people would do anything other than choose their  conversation carefully ahead of going into a customer meeting. What was most amusing about this is the fact that I know the IT Director of said company quite well.

My meeting was a short one and as I re-entered reception to leave, said 2 “professionals” are still in reception – literally just being met by the IT Director. Their greeting is interrupted by a “Hello Paul” they go red, followed by a “We must catch up sometime – drop me a call” and he wanders off, with 2 very sheepish looking guys shuffling behind him.

My point? No matter where you are, be very careful what you are saying. The random person in reception, opposite you on the train, in Starbucks could be anyone – even a good friend of the IT Director you’re trying to court!